What is GKP Permai?

  • Geran Khas Prihatin Tambahan under the PERMAI package (GKP PERMAI) is an additional financial assistance in the form of a one-off payment provided by the Government to Micro SMEs (MSMEs) who have received Geran Khas Prihatin (GKP 1.0 and GKP 2.0) assistance previously.
  • The amount of the one-off assistance under GKP PERMAI are as follows:
    1. MSMEs registered in states under the Movement Control Order (MCO): RM1,000
    2. MSMEs registered in other states: RM500
  • The assistance will be distributed beginning in March 2021 through the registered bank account.

Who is eligible for GKP PERMAI?

GKP PERMAI will be given to recipients who have been approved for GKP 1.0 and GKP 2.0, as well as any MSMEs whose appeals have been approved.

How do I apply for GKP PERMAI?

This initiative is for existing recipients of GKP as well as those who have made successful appeals for GKP 2.0. Therefore, no application is necessary for GKP PERMAI.